Our Facilities

Office YardSouth Paw Acres is located inside one and one-half acres of securely fenced grass yard, complete with a pond to swim in, outdoor toys to exercise with, and mature shade trees to relax under. Two separate buildings are climate controlled year-round for comfortable indoor living.

Dogs have a choice of soft beds to stretch out on, or are welcome to lie on the cool rubber flooring. Lots of toys and hands-on attention keep your baby happy and pampered all day long. Only positive reinforcement techniques are utilized with the dogs. Soothing music is always on to promote a calming atmosphere.

PondA maximum of ten dogs at any one time ensures your fur-baby gets quality attention and lavish affection throughout his stay. Typical staff-to-dog ratios are 5:1 at the most, and are often less than that. The dogs are housed with compatible temperament and activity levels in mind.

Benefits for Dogs

Dogs are pack animals by nature. They thrive with other dogs in their lives. Through their interactions, dogs at South Paw Acres learn how to deal with other dogs, how to get along peaceably, and learn appropriate play skills, both with people and canines.

Daily exercise helps improve overweight dogs’ metabolism, and gives many high-energy dogs a way to release the prey and defense drives which are repressed by living in our domestic world. Many dogs who see only their owners everyday can learn to trust other people they meet through interactive daycare. Dogs that have never had a chance to try swimming can explore the pond and learn to swim by watching other dogs play in the water.

Benefits for Owners

Dog InsideThe old saying, “a tired dog equals a happy owner” is very true after time spent at South Paw Acres. SPA dogs are simply too tired to chew furniture, jump on the baby, bark at the neighbors, chase the cat, or otherwise get into mischief. And time spent at SPA can benefit younger dogs still needing to learn the finer points of housebreaking – without ruining your carpet!