Meet the Staff

Faye Nowell, Owner/Proprietor

Faye is a Columbia native, and has always loved dogs. Over the years she has served as guardian to a variety of dogs, fostered many others, and still helps local shelters find forever homes for canines in need. She has volunteered with the Central Missouri Humane Society for many years, and has served on their Board of Directors.

With a Bachelor’s degree in Recreation & Park Administration from the University of Missouri, Faye practiced for over 13 years as a Recreational Therapist at local hospitals and social service agencies. In the late 90’s, she answered an ad for a woman wanting a dog sitter on the days she worked long hours. The job was fun for both Faye and the dog. After doing some research on doggie day care facilities around the country, Faye realized Columbia might be big enough for a doggy day care business to thrive. Once she found the perfect piece of land, she opened South Paw Acres in August of 2001. She has been pampering lucky dogs ever since.

Additional SPA Staff

Sunyata, Laine, John, Kim, Lauren and Samm also help to make your dog’s stay at South Paw Acres a fun and pleasant one!