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South Paw Acres LLC

5550 W. Gillespie Bridge RD

Columbia, Mo 65203

573-446-ARFF (2733)

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South Paw Acres intersection of Cherry Hill and Gillespie Bridge

How To Find Us…

If you use a GPS device to locate us, be advised that Google has NOT mapped us correctly. (We are working to correct this.) Their GPS coordinates may send you too far down Gillespie Bridge Road, and tell you we are located on Coats Lane. This is incorrect! If you find yourself on Coats Lane, turn around and come back up the hill to the intersection of Chapel Hill and Gillespie Bridge Rd. (Look for the street signs in the photo on this page). Turn right, back onto Gillespie Bridge Road, and then turn immediately right again into the driveway by the mailbox (see photo).  For detailed directions, see instructions below map.  If all else fails, give us a call and we’ll guide you to our doorstep.

From the North (going west on Broadway):

West Broadway turns south and becomes Scott Blvd. Continue south on Scott until you reach the stop light at Scott and Chapel Hill Rd. Turn right on Chapel Hill, and go west until you see Gillespie Bridge Rd. on your left. (If you cross the Perche Creek bridge, you have gone too far!) Turn left onto Gillespie Bridge, then immediately right into my driveway. There is a black mailbox with 5550 on it. The driveway is concrete which changes to gravel, and parallels Chapel Hill Rd. You cannot see the house from the road. A business sign is farther up the driveway, announcing you have reached South Paw Acres!

From the South (going west on AC/Nifong/Vaughter School Rd.):

Turn north onto Scott Blvd. and drive to the edge of the Cherry Hill Business Park (on your right). Gillespie Bridge Road will intersect Scott at this point. Turn left onto Gillespie Bridge and continue west past the Water Treatment Plant, and past Longview Drive (both on the left). After Longview, you pass one gravel drive on the left. At that point, the new part of Gillespie becomes blacktop, and curves to the right. Coming up on your immediate left is a long concrete driveway that changes to gravel. There is a black mailbox at this driveway entrance with a white paw print on it. You can not see the house from the road. Turn left into this driveway and come on up!