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SPA Application Process

All dogs are screened in a personal interview at South Paw Acres with their owner prior to bookings. Below are some basic criteria to consider before requesting an interview:

Josie, the dog

Is Your Dog:

  • Four months old or older?
  • Spayed or neutered?
  • Current on all vaccinations?
  • Social with other dogs and people?
  • Free of excessive anxiety?
  • Non-aggressive about toys or food?
  • Free of parasites / in overall good health?
  • Comfortable around strangers?
  • Non-anxious when left alone?
  • Micro-chipped? (recommended)*

The SPA Interview

To ensure that every dog admitted to South Paw Acres has a fun, friendly, and healthy experience, we require each dog to go through an application and interview process.

To be admitted into the South Paw Acres program, please do the following:

    • Download, print and fill out these two documents and bring them to your interview:


    • Vaccination Records:
      • Please bring a copy of your dog’s current vaccination records to the interview. It needs to show that your vet has updated your pet on all required shots, including a negative fecal float, and that the dog is spayed or neutered. Your dog will also need a Bordatella vaccine prior to beginning services at South Paw Acres.
  • There is a $10 interview fee per family.
    •   Interviews are given by appointment only. Please call 573-446-ARFF (2733) or e-mail to schedule your appointment. Most interviews take about 1/2 hour. Once we have visited with you and your dog and reviewed the required paperwork, we will schedule another day for you to bring your pet to SPA for a full day of day care. This evaluation day is included in the price of the interview. We look forward to meeting you and your furry friend!


    *All canine guests of South Paw Acres are requested to be micro-chipped, at the suggestion of the Missouri Department of Agriculture, for emergency identification purposes. If your dog(s) is not yet micro-chipped, please visit with your vet about having this service performed in the near future.