A Great Time Indoors and Out

Dog Announcement

South Paw Acres is located inside one and one-half acres of securely fenced grass yard, complete with a pond, outdoor toys, and mature shade trees. We have several separate play areas, so that little dogs can play safely with other dogs their own size, while the bigger dogs have plenty of room to run and play in their very own yard. Two separate buildings are climate controlled year-round for comfortable indoor living.
South Paw Acres Paw with Credit Cards Pet Boarding Columbia MO

South Paw Acres Is For You If

  • You’re Going Out of Town
  • Remodeling Your Home
  • Your Visitors Are Allergic To Dogs
  • You Need Some Time Alone At Home
  • Your Dog Has Lots of Pent Up Energy
  • Emergencies Call You Away From Home
  • Your Dog Needs Socialization
  • Your Baby Needs Some Extra TLC

Group playThe old saying, “a tired dog equals a happy owner” is very true after time spent at South Paw Acres. Dogs that stay at South Paw Acres are simply too tired to chew furniture, jump on the baby, bark at the neighbors, chase the cat, or otherwise get into mischief.

And, time spent at South Paw Acres can benefit younger dogs still needing to learn the finer points of housebreaking – without ruining your carpet!